Keep your cat healthy and clean

May 05 , 2021

Keep your cat healthy and clean



Cats are clean animals by nature, dedicate several hours, getting with their licks is relieved of the dirt that adorn their body, this does not mean that they are never exempted from needing essential care in relation to their hygiene. We are not going to forget that it will be beneficial for your health.

   Brush the cat's hair 

From a young age, we should get the cat used to regular brushing, with time most cats end up liking it, so we can pull out dead and undercoat hairs, while preventing them from spreading around the corners of the home.
As a general rule, it is advisable to brush the cat daily, but it will depend on the condition of your cat's hair (if you don't have hair, will you not brush it?) And seasonality (if it is not moving and does not make a lot of dirt, you do this every 2-3 days) wherever you are.

Here is a very efficient cat comb:

Depilatory comb for dogs and cats


   Bathing a cat

Just like brushing, you have to get used to it since childhood, the ideal is to use a bathtub with warm water and a shampoo for cats.

The bath, with the exception of those breeds of cats that have no hair, will be carried out every two or three months, it is not advisable to to it very often, as the protective sebum of the animal would be eliminated and would be harmful to its health.

It is important to dry because, unlike dogs, the cats do not move to spill water.

We will take extreme care against noise, the ideal is that the is as low as possible, since if he do not like it or not accustomed, can resist and be traumatized.
Here we leave you a portable dryer that makes very little noise and at the same time also serves to brush your pet:

2 in 1 portable hair dryer for dogs and cats and brush. Low noise.



   Cut the cat's nails

Other precautions for the proper hygiene or grooming of our cat are trimming the nails every three weeks. The nails should not be excessively long, so it is important to know how to cut the nails of the cat, in addition a regular cut will be of extreme importance to avoid scratches and damage to the house; It is also important for your health, because, if they are too long, they can limit your movements and cause injuries due to insufficient support of the limbs; The cutting of the cat's nails will be done precisely on its end, without affecting the fleshy part, as it will cause pain and even a small hemorrhage.

Here we leave you a nail clipper with led light to be able to see exactly where it is being cut:

Nail clipper for pets with LED light


  Cleaning the ears.

For cat ears, it is customary to use liquids that dissolve the wax in the ear canal, this is done by applying a few drops (depending on the product) inside the ear. It will not be pleasant for the cat and it is normal for him to make sudden movements with his head after pouring the liquid.

   Eye cleaning.

The hygiene of the cat's eyes will be done through cotton soaked in saline, it is about removing the secretions that can accumulate in the tear, avoiding eye infections. We will never direct the cotton to the center of the eye, as we can cause injuries unintentionally.

  Teeth cleaning

Cleaning teeth in cats is beneficial to prevent the appearance of tartar. Many cats have a tendency to accumulate tartar; if not done correctly, it can cause damage to teeth and gums.

The ideal is to buy a special toothbrush and toothpaste for cats; let's get it used to the introduction of objects in the mouth, for example, playing with the kitten; If he cooperates, it is interesting to offer him some reward, so that he regards this behavior as pleasant.

Here is a pack of brush, fingers and special paste for brushing your cat's teeth:

Set of toothbrush and toothpaste for pets


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