Did you know that there are breeds of dogs that bark more than others?

Aug 10 , 2021

Did you know that there are breeds of dogs that bark more than others?

When choosing a dog, a determining factor if you don’t have a lot of patience is knowing which breeds bark a lot and which ones don’t. 

It is inevitable that dogs bark, although some do it more than others.

We are going to comment to you which. are the 5 breeds. of dogs that bark the most:

1- Yorkshire Terrier:

It is a small and very overprotective dog that barks a lot every time he notices something strange, in such a way that on the one hand it is positive because it can be chosen to watch in the house.

2- Beagle

And a breed of dogs of small to medium size.. It is usually chosen by the home, despite barking a lot and can be difficult to train.

3- Chihuahua

It’s the world’s smallest dog.. Although they are considered weak and fragile, with proper training and socialization they can result in an excellent companion animal.

4- West Highland white terrier

It is friendly and balanced, but provided it is socialized properly. However, there is a lot that suffers from separation anxiety. This is why they bark in excess.

5- Schnauzer miniatura

It is a dog that originated in the late 1880s on German farms to fight rodents. By this hunter instinct, it can bark in excess when it realizes that something that moves in a "suspicious" way

O que os cães nos dizem quando ladram


1- Change barks: They occur before something unexpected for the dog, as when a stranger knocks on the door. These barks are more intense and severe, of lower frequency.

2- Loneliness or isolation barking: It occurs when the dog suffers from anxiety by separation from its human or suffers stress from excessive loneliness.

3- Game barks: Both the solitude and game barks are of higher, higher frequencies, and are vocalized with a greater number of tones and frequency modulations.

Como fazer o meu cão ladrar menos?


If your pet does not stop barking, you should note that there is behind this conduit. The first thing is to see if she stays in jail long and alone, because it gives her stress and anxiety.. Aca we give you 4 tips that will help you make your dog bark less

4 Dicas para fazer seu cão latir menos:


1- Don’t hit the animal to stop barking, you’ll only be able to scare it and create more stress.

2- Exercise, play with it and wander around a lot, so you will tire more and release all the accumulated energy.

3- It leaves a prudent time of socialization for the can to interact little by little with other people or animals.

4- Use toys and accessories

Accessories that will help your dog bark less


-Reward him with the sound of the Clicker and a treat or caress when it remains. quiet to prevent it from continuing barking.

-Use the Anti. bark training device through ultrasound.

-Give him toys so he can. Bite and play.

-Use the olfactory mat for dogs to develop natural. foraging skills and relieve stress.

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