5 Tips for stimulating puppies in their first weeks of life

Jun 23 , 2021

5 Tips for stimulating puppies in their first weeks of life

Early stimulation is a process that will provide greater stability to the dog in the future. That is, it will make him a more balanced, healthier, smarter dog with less tendency to aggression, environment and tension.

Stimulation in the first weeks of life of the puppy should be through the following stimuli:



A previously cooled wet towel is used in the refrigerator for at least 5 minutes. Place the puppy on the towel, resting with the legs. He should not be restricted in movement.

     2-Holding the head upright


Using both hands the puppy is kept perpendicular to the ground, so that its head is up.

  3-Positioning the head down


Holding the puppy firmly with both hands, it is rotated so that the head faces the ground.



Supine position, holding the puppy so that its back rests on the back of both hands.



The puppy is held with one hand and gently stimulated between the fingers of each of the legs using a rod.



Thanks to this type of early stimulation exercises, it will improve the cardiovascular development and heartbeat of the dog. In addition, you will have greater tolerance and resistance to stress and future diseases.

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