Origin of the canine breeds.

Apr 14 , 2021

Origin of the canine breeds.

      Introduction of the origin of dog breeds

The oldest indication of the domestication of the wolf, that is, the oldest dog discovered so far is approximately 31,700 years old, this dog was found in a cave in Belgium and could be associated with the last Neardental or the first Hommo Sapiens that arrived in Europe.

Genetic analysis indicates that possibly the earliest dogs are probably descendants of the East Asian wolf. The oldest groups of dogs that undoubtedly resemble their ancestors the wolves are, mainly, Asian and African breeds.

All other dogs are descended from fourteen breeds, based on recent genetic studies, which we'll describe below:



It is an African race characterized by the absence of barking, however it emits a kind of sound similar to that of a bell.




It is one of the oldest races, it is believed that it descends from the wolves of the Ara desert. 



   Chow chow

The origin of this dog is Mongolian, it was later introduced in China as a hunting dog. It is believed that it could be about 4,000 years old. Genetic studies establish that it may be one of the breeds to evolve directly from the Asian wolf.




It is one of the oldest in East Asia. There are Korean descriptions from about 4000 years ago that already mentioned this breed. For centuries he lived alone in the imperial city, where they had a special protocol in which an offense to them was paid for with death.



    Afghan greyhound

It has at least 2,000 years of existence, in the area of present-day Afghanistan. 



   Tibetan Terrier

Must be approximately 2,000 years old. They are considered the oldest companion dogs.



   Lhasa Apso

Also comes from Tibet. It was supposed to exist in 800 BC and was responsible for sounding the alarm to Tibetan Mastiffs about the presence of strangers.



  Shar pei

It comes from China, it has been known since 206 BC. It is generally characterized by the symbol of the Han dynasty.



  Shih Tzu

 It is the oldest breed in China, it is thought that it may be about 3,000 years old. Studies have certified that the origin of this breed is in the Tibetan Lhasa Apso. For years it was considered the companion dog of Chinese empresses.




This breed has its origin in Japan, being the oldest breed in this country.



   Shiba Inu

It comes from Japan for more than 2,000 years. Since 1936 it has been a national monument of Japan.



   Alaskan Malamute

They are one of the oldest sled dogs, it is native to the Arctic. They are characterized by their beauty and strength, they are sometimes confused with the Siberian Husky.



   Siberian Husky

They are originally from Siberia. They are direct descendants of the first draft dogs that, in turn, are descendants of wolves.  




It is a breed of great beauty, they were used by the Russian people of the Samoyeds as shepherd dogs since immemorial times.


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