Is it possible to train a cat?

Jun 09 , 2021

Is it possible to train a cat?


Although it seems difficult, it is not impossible. The main thing is to respect their nature and know their language.

It is more difficult than training dogs because cats are much more instinctive, they do not need to please us and they have not been required over time for specific jobs. These have become our pets because they were originally kept to scare away mice, an objective for which they do not need to be trained, since they do it by and for themselves.

It is not the same to teach a young cat than an older one, in the same way, you should not have the same objectives for a meek cat to a rather scary one. The limit on what you can or cannot teach your cat will be his welfare. That is, if teaching your cat something implies that it is going to suffer stress and / or physical pain, due to age, some pathology, its character ... you should simply stop teaching this trick and look for a simpler one or, obviously That does not cause you discomfort, because training should be an activity that benefits both.

Since childhood, your kitten is used to picking it up or picking it up to trim its nails, take it to your veterinary office or simply to pet it. It is important to give it firmness and security to prevent it from resisting.

Training tricks that can be taught to a cat

         Trick 1: Basic needs.

If we want them not to relieve themselves where they want, we have to put a litter box and keep it clean.


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Guide him to scratch his toys and not the furniture in the house. Make sure their toys have rough surfaces and rough textures, such as string or a ball of yarn. Remember that cats naturally love to scratch.

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If we do not want him to climb on the furniture or armchairs, we must put them in a high place. The cats control from above so if we do not want them to end up on the table or furniture, give them a valid option above.

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If we don't want him to sleep in our bed, provide him with a bed with warm.

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 Trick 2: How to teach a cat to sit?

Hold the clicker in one hand and the prize in the other.
Raise the treat above your cat's head.
Your cat will sit up and / or lean his body back. Make "click" with the clicker and quickly give the prize.
Insist several sessions, until your cat is fully seated and associates the gesture of raising the prize above his head with sitting down. When he does, he associates this action with a clear oral command, such as "sit" or "sit."

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  Trick 3: How to teach a cat to lie down?

Hold the clicker in one hand and the prize in the other.
Ask him to sit down.
Drag the award from under his head to the ground.
Your cat will begin to lean its body towards the ground. Make a click with the clicker and give him the prize quickly every time he gets close to the pitching position. With insistence, you will achieve that it ends up stretching.
When your cat understands the gesture, associate it with the oral command such as "lie down" or "floor."

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  Trick 4: If your cat is misbehaving.

Avoid overbearing words or actions so he doesn't use it as punishment. For example, you can fill a sprayer with water and when the cat has misbehavior, spray it with water from a distance. In this way, the cat will associate water as a corrective method for his behavior.

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