Accessories for basic dog training

Jun 02 , 2021

Accessories for basic dog training


There are a series of materials that serve to complement the training and that greatly help it to be carried out with very positive results.
Next we will see the material used for the basic training of the dog:
  Strain Harness
The purpose of this type of harness is to help the dog learn that he must walk without pulling on the leash and obeying his owner.

As it is a special instrument so that the dog cannot pull on the leash when he goes out for a walk, it should not be used specifically for training.
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     Collar or harness
When you start training outdoors, you need some tools to be able to restrain your dog if he gets distracted by something.
In the case that the animal is medium or large, a collar provides greater security than a harness. On the other hand, if the dog is small, a harness will be enough and safer for your pet.
We must bear in mind that the collar or harness only serves as a safety tool, it should never be used to jerk or punish the animal, so the collar must be a regular collar for dogs or buckle collar, not using choke collars or barbs.
We leave you an excellent quality harness:
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In training, it is usually very helpful to use a leash, which can be regulation or long.
-Regulatory leash: The regulatory leashes used for dog training are usually 2 meters long. The most recommended material is leather, because they hurt the dog's neck less if it pulls on it.
The leash only serves as a security measure so that the dog does not escape in an uncomfortable or stressful situation for him.
-Long leash: The long leash used for dog training is 5-6 meters long. It serves as a safety measure when you begin to practice remote exercises with the dog in public places.
This leash is not necessary in the first training exercises, but it begins to be used when the exercises with the dog are carried out in outdoor places and at long distances.
It is very important not to confuse a long leash with an extendable leash, since these are not used for training because they maintain tension on the collar or harness at all times.
                           Personalized collar and leash of leather for dogs.
The clicker is a small plastic box with a sheet of metal that makes a double sound (click-click) when you press it.
It is very effective for all types of training and It works as a conditioned reinforce and used correctly allows a very specific timing.
It is a signal to indicate that the dog is doing something right, and that it will be rewarded for it.
It is very important to click right away for the dog to do what we ask him to do and then give him the reward.
    Prize Bag: Chunky Food
Food will help you reinforce your dog's correct responses in the early stages of training. To be effective, it has to be cut into small pieces so that the dog does not fill up quickly and so that you can perform many repetitions, in addition to that the reinforcement cup will increase since it will swallow and chew in less time.
It is important that the food used as a reinforce is something very pleasant for the animal. With some dogs you can use their regular food or commercial dog treats, but with others you will need cooked meat, sausage, cooked chicken, and other human foods.
Treats for humans should never be used as they can be very harmful to the dog. Especially chocolate, which is toxic to dogs and in large quantities can kill them.
                                            Training dog snack bag
     Dog's Toys
Toys are one of the most effective reinforces that can be used for training. There is a great variety of them that have positive effects to favor the appearance of the desired behavior in the dog.
In addition to the toys that are normally used, it is also recommended that those that each dog likes are included for reinforcement to increase their attention.
The toys that are used most frequently for dog training are balls, ropes and chewing toys, tennis balls are also a good reinforcement because they tend to be liked by all dogs in general.
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     Anti bark device
With the ultrasonic dog trainer, you can train your pet to be obedient, correct bad behavior and stop barking.
The training is based on the theory that ultrasound (more than 20KHZ) is above the upper limit of human hearing and super ultrasonic and strong white light of 2800mcd.
You can activate visual and additive activation in dogs, cats and other animals, but there will be no effects on people.
                              Anti barking training device. LED Ultrasonic.             
It can be useful for training if the dog is barking a lot or is aggressive.
       Muzzle for dogs

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