6 tips for you and your pet to travel safely

Jun 16 , 2021

6 tips for you and your pet to travel safely

The data reveal that, year after year, there are thousands of traffic accidents with victims or material damage related to domestic animals, which in turn cause the loss of human lives.

Pets on trips can be a great source of distractions, being able to cause accidents or aggravating the consequences of them in the event they are loose in the car.

Another of the most important dangers that we can find when traveling with an animal, especially if it is large and heavy, is that it makes a sudden movement from one side to the other of the car that can destabilize the vehicle.

A dog loose in the rear seats, in the event of a frontal collision, poses a great danger to the front occupants.



1-Do not let the dog go with his head out of the window

As it can be very dangerous both, for the driver, who can be distracted, and for the same dog that can suffer some damage.


2-Interpose between the animal and the front passengers a fixed barrier

With enough resistance to withstand the forces that are generated in a collision.

                       Protective barrier to use in the car for pets


            3- Prevents it from moving too much

If the animal is small transports are a good option, regardless of whether the car carries a separation barrier or not.

                                   Travel car Seat Cover for cats and dogs


 A good option for larger dogs is the safety harness with a safety belt, which not only retains it, but prevents that, in case of braking or slight collision, the animal is injured.

                     Safety harness with safety belt for dogs to use in cars



                                 Flexible safety belt for dogs



                   4- Keep the dog hydrated

With an accessory made especially for this type of cases with which you can hydrate your pet and without spilling water on the seat.

                           Premium portable pet water bottle


                      5-Make stops every 2 hours.

In this way, the animal can rest and walk a little. If you do not have a portable bottle for dogs to give water during the trip, take advantage of this break to hydrate the dog.

6- Maintain hygienic conditions of the animal and the car.
To take care of the upholstery it is advisable to travel with a clean and brushed dog.

                Hair removal comb for dogs and cats


Also, to avoid possible scratches of your pet on the seat, it is convenient to place a back seat cover.

              Dog car backseat waterproof cover



The transport of a loose dog in the vehicle can increase the risk of an accident and the severity of its consequences because it can

-Increase the driver’s distraction.

-Interfering in driving (getting on top or touching the pedals)

-Pose a risk to other road users.

-In the event of an impact or collision, it may cause damage to the occupants


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